Our Goal:

Revolutionize compostable packaging

Better Earth is on a mission to create compostable packaging that makes sustainability goals accessible and regenerative circularity achievable within the foodservice industry.

As a leader in compostable products, we are committed to providing high-quality alternatives to traditional plastics that meet the highest standards of compostability.

Through our comprehensive range of compostable plates, bowls, trays, containers, cutlery, cups, and lids, we aim to empower businesses and individuals to make more sustainable choices without compromising on performance. By doing so, we collectively strengthen the circular economy by leading sustainability initiatives across the value chain.


Sustainable Materials for a Better Future

Our products, which are made from a variety of sustainable materials like bamboo, sugarcane, FSC Certified paper, and bio-based resins, offer a viable and eco-friendly option for food service packaging needs, reducing reliance on traditional plastics and virgin wood fiber packaging. With Better Earth, you are making a conscious choice toward a more sustainable future.


Compliance with Compostability Standards

Our products meet the rigorous ASTM and EN compostability standards.

We prioritize meeting and exceeding industry benchmarks to ensure that our packaging not only performs exceptionally but breaks also down efficiently in commercial composting facilities. This successfully contributes to the development of a sustainable closed-loop system.


Committed to Your Sustainability Goals

At Better Earth, we understand the importance of helping our customers achieve their sustainability objectives.

Our commitment extends beyond providing quality products. We take pride in leading sustainability efforts across the entire value chain. By partnering with farmers, chefs, composters, and other stakeholders, we are actively contributing to strengthening the circular economy.

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Our Passionate Team

We are a vibrant and passionate team with diverse expertise in packaging, logistics, and sustainability. We value the importance of representation and are proud that over three-quarters of Better Earth’s corporate team comprises women or individuals from underrepresented populations. Our team is located all over North America and our dedication ensures that we can better serve our customers and drive positive change.

Choosing Better Earth will not only address your food service packaging needs, but also ensure that we are creating an inclusive and more sustainable world, together.

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Our Ethos

At Better Earth, we think of inclusion as our superpower, and it’s right at the heart of our ethos.

We cultivate a culture where everyone is cherished for their unique contributions. We embrace and celebrate our differences – it’s our secret sauce that sets us apart, and we’ll always stand up for it. We’re convinced that a colorful mix of minds, perspectives, and cultures fuels innovation and success in our business.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity isn’t just words. We’re all about building a place where everyone feels they truly belong, where they can be authentic and perform at their peak. Join us at Better Earth and make a difference – not just to our business, but to the world.

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