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Going Plastic Free with Compostables

By Blair Michal
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As we head into #plasticfreejuly, we had the honor in joining a panel of leaders & innovators making the switch of going plastic free in their businesses. Click here to watch the webinar hosted by Oceana in Georgia and Environment Georgia focused on solutions and policies to make changes. Are you a business leader or entrepreneur? If you haven’t yet considered going plastic free, ask yourselves why are you using plastics? Why styrofoam?



  • Food waste makes up roughly 1/4 of our landfills. Food packaging makes up 1/3. Collectively, the foodservice industry has a HUGE impact on our landfills.
  • 8 million tons of plastic waste are dumped into the ocean every year.
  • It can take up to a million years to break down styrofoam.
  • Only 8% of plastic gets recycled in the USA. 
  • Plastic particles have been found in fish inside the deepest recesses in the ocean.
  • Compostable packaging can be a catalyst to both divert foodwaste and plastics from our landfills, streams, oceans, and environment. 

At Better Earth, we help customers and their communities reduce and replace their single use plastics with more sustainable alternatives. Better Earth is your local Georgia sustainable solutions provider and we’re on a mission to make sustainability more accessible.

Better Earth Custom Branded Sugarcane Clamshells

We help businesses from small restaurants to large stadiums reduce their single use plastics and reach their sustainable goals through a comprehensive catalog of compostable packaging. We can even help you highlight your commitment to sustainability through custom branding printed domestically in Clarkston, GA, the most diverse square mile in the US. 

In addition to compostable packaging and custom print, we have a full suite of sustainability services like legislation support, education, training, webinars, sustainable marketing materials and brand toolkits. We really want to help you highlight your investment and impact through compostable packaging.

Check out our digital interactive catalog!

At Better Earth, we are not just manufacturers—we are committed to authentic sustainability and closing the loop in the communities we serve from field to fork to field, so we’ve made significant investments across the value chain from the farmers growing the regenerative raw materials that make up our packaging, the chefs that cook the food that go into the packaging, to the composters that compost our compostable packaging and turn it into a nutrient rich soil amendment for farmers. So we want to help your organization reduce your plastic footprint and close the loop within your communities, too! 

While we all can play a role in reducing single-use plastics, organizations have an opportunity to make a HUGE impact. For example, if you order 1,000 pieces of styrofoam a week, think of all that forever material being sent to landfills or sitting in our environment. By switching to compostable packaging, you could send 1,000 compostables to a commercial composting facility to build soils.  

Close the Loop with Compostables


  • 6 out of 10 customers are willing to change their shopping habits to support sustainability.  
  • 70% of consumers are willing to pay a premium of 35% to support sustainable brands.  
  • The conscious consumers are there and they’re using their money to support the brands that are standing behind sustainability, especially as more Millenials and Gen Z folks are out in the market. 
  • Plastic disposables aren’t really disposable—it’s a forever product. We must rethink the way we use these products.  
Once you’re done eating, no need to clean the packaging of food residue unlike in recycling!
Just drop it in a commercial composting bin. Any excess food waste or residue along with the plant-based packaging will help revitalize our depleting soils.

The more demand for compostable packaging, the more it’ll drive the cost down like any supply and demand market, and generate a circular economy. Want to join the businesses leading the transition to more sustainable solutions? Let’s talk! 

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Blair Michal

Blair Michal

Partner Advocate

Blair is here to help you reach your organization’s sustainability goals. Her background in composting and compostable packing makes her a great advocate to help you close the loop in your community through compostable packaging. Her passion for the planet goes beyond packaging. Outside of work you can find her gardening, camping, hiking, and mountain biking near her home in the North Georgia mountains. 

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