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Better Earth supports BPIDear Valued Customer,

As a brand dedicated to expanding the acceptance and use of certified compostable packaging in the foodservice industry, Better Earth has always upheld the highest standards in product certification and environmental responsibility. We are committed to making a difference by utilizing reputable third-party organizations to authenticate our business claims and product portfolio.

We believe strongly in the importance of rigorous certification standards to ensure the integrity and sustainability of compostable packaging solutions.

Here’s why BPI certification remains a cornerstone of our commitment to compostability:

  • Credibility for Consumers and Composters: The BPI Certification Mark serves as a trusted symbol for both consumers and composting facilities. It signifies independent verification that our products meet rigorous standards for breakdown in commercial composting environments, ensuring they won’t negatively impact compost quality.
  • Clear Guidance: BPI provides extensive support to manufacturers by offering guidance on product design, ingredient selection, and the independent validation of compostability claims. Furthermore, BPI assists consumers in recognizing compostable items that undergo safe decomposition when appropriately disposed of in compost waste streams. The certification process also entails third-party verification to ensure that certified products do not contain added fluorine.
  • Scientifically Backed Standards: BPI certification relies on ASTM standards, a globally recognized framework for testing compostability. This ensures a consistent and reliable assessment of our products’ ability to break down safely and effectively within commercial composting systems.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Several states and municipalities, including Washington and parts of California, already require third-party certification for compostable products and have included BPI in the language of their legislation. As local, state, and eventually federal regulations evolve, having BPI certification positions our products for compliance with current and future standards.
  • Transparency and Trust: Third-party certification fosters transparency in our claims. Consumers can be confident that our products undergo rigorous testing and meet established standards for compostability.

Better Earth is committed to providing clarity and confidence when it comes to compostable products. We utilize multiple third-party certifiers like BPI to ensure our products meet the highest standards for both industrial and potentially home composting, depending on the product type. We believe this comprehensive approach best serves our customers, their consumers, and the environment.

We understand the importance of choice, and we encourage you to learn more about the various compostability certifications available. For the most up-to-date information on our certifications, please visit our website at

Should you have any questions or require further details regarding our approach to compostability certification, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your continued partnership and trust in our commitment to providing sustainable solutions that support a circular economy and look forward to continuing to serve you with our BPI-certified compostable packaging.


Joseph Bild
CEO, Better Earth LLC
[email protected]


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