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By Liz Stone
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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses large and small alike are having to close their doors permanently. As a growing business ourselves, we’re extremely sympathetic to all the closures we’re seeing – especially our friends in the restaurant business! 

We’ve implemented a restaurant relief program (which you can read all about here), and are now looking to you for help spreading awareness! In times like these, not much speaks louder than social media. So! We’ve scoured the web and compiled a list of popular hashtags you can use to share your concern about your favorite restaurants’ well-being!  

Hashtag Campaigns

#SaveRestaurants / #RestaurantRecovery – Campaign for restaurant customers to call on Congress to help on behalf of independent restaurants
#SupportLocalRestaurants /#SupportLocal /#SupportLocalBusiness – Campaigns to bring awareness to local restaurants and small business
#TooSmallToFail – Campaign to urge restaurant customers to call lawmakers and lobby for help on behalf of independent restaurants
#DineLocal – Campaign to encourage the community to keep dining locally

Hashtags for Use by Restaurateurs 

#SaveAmericanHospitality – Used by chefs and restaurant owners who are organizing political efforts
#ReliefForRestaurants – Used by restaurants and hospitality professionals seeking assistance
#CarryOut / #OrderIn – Used by restaurants to indicate they are open for takeout orders
#CurbSide / #CurbSidePickup – Used by restaurants to indicate they are for pickup meals, literally at the curb 
#StillOpen / #WereOpen – Awareness about restaurants who are still open 
#RallyForRestaurants – To help social media users search for restaurants to support

Don’t forget, hashtags can only get you so far! Remember to stay informed on the issues and stay updated. We highly recommend checking out the GRA’s Industry-Related News page for news and updates regarding restaurants and COVID-19.

If you end up using any of these hashtags or found this information helpful, let us know! Send us a message on one of our social media pages, or even shoot us an email! And don’t forget to check out our other helpful blog pages, like our 6-step guide to ordering food safely online. There’s lots of ways for us to help out our favorite restaurants weather the stormand we can’t wait to visit them again once the storm is over! 

Did you know? We currently have a relief program for local Atlanta restaurants to ensure sustainable packaging remains accessible and affordable. Find out more here! And did you also know that we’re partnering with GRA? You can check out their post here! 😍 




Liz is an integral part of our creative powerhouse, slinging custom print, and delighting our team and community with her clever puns and visuals that pack a sweet punch. In her free time, she loves to sew, design her own products, and rock climb to name a few!

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