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Farmer’s Fiber


Proudly Homegrown in the United States

The Better Earth Farmer’s Fiber Collection is comprised of domestically made sustainable fiber products that support local American farmers.

Our Farmer’s Fiber Collection is manufactured at a state-of-the-art facility in East Tennessee and starts with a blend of high-yield feedstock crops, including switchgrass, sorghum, miscanthus, as well as other regenerative ag fibers grown in the area by local American farmers.

Since these crops can thrive in a variety of conditions, farmers can plant them on otherwise underutilized land to diversify their production, thereby bolstering overall soil health and green space across the Southeast.

At the end of the product’s lifecycle, these products will break down in a matter of weeks at a commercial composting facility, reducing landfill waste and eliminating dangerous chemical emissions that accompany the centuries’ long breakdown process of plastics and polystyrene.

Product Sheet

Benefits of a Domestic, Simplified Supply Chain

  • Reliable, consistent quality products
  • Long-term supply commitment opportunities
  • Reduced disruption
  • Traceability & increased transparency
  • Significantly lower carbon emissions

Comprehensive Environmental Impact

  • Crops sequester carbon and improve soil quality
  • Preserves green spaces and wildlife habitats
  • Fibers enable resource-efficient pulping process

Boosting the Rural Economy

  • New additive revenue source for local farmers
  • Stable farm income from long-term contracts
  • Creates rural jobs

Farmer’s Fiber Clamshells

BE-FC99FF 9” x 9” Farmer’s Fiber Compostable Fiber Clamshel
BE-FC96FF 9” x 6” Farmer’s Fiber Compostable Fiber Clamshell 200

Farmer’s Fiber Plate & Bowl

BE-FRP9FF 9” Farmer’s Fiber Compostable Round Fiber Plate
BE-FRB12FF 12oz. Farmer’s Fiber Compostable Round Fiber Bowl


We are actively growing our Farmer’s Fiber Collection, so stay tuned for more exciting innovations!

  • Made of a Regenerative Blend of Quintessential Southeastern Fibers like Switchgrass
  • Classy Kraft Color & Never Bleached
  • Commercially Compostable
  • Printed in Clarkston, GA
  • Recommended for All Applications & Exceeds Industry Performance Standards
  • Meets ASTM D6400 standards for commercial compostability where they will break down into soil and the key nutrients our food needs to thrive
  • Recommended for All Applications & Exceeds Industry Performance Standards
  • Microwave Friendly 
  • Freezer Friendly 
  • Oil and Moisture Resistant

    Custom print available on Farmer’s Fiber Collection Clamshells. Learn more by visiting Better Earth Custom Branding.

    Better Earth Farmer’s Fiber Collection products can be properly disposed of at commercial composting facilities where they will break down into soil and the key nutrients our food needs to thrive.   

    • Meets ASTM D6400 Standards for Commercially Compostability
    • Will break down in 90-180 days in a commercial or municipal composting facility. They are not suitable for backyard composting.   


    Farmer’s Fiber Disposal (for end user)

    • You can commercially compost Farmer’s Fiber products where they will break down into soil and the key nutrients our food needs to thrive.

    External Packaging Disposal (for foodservice establishment)

    • You can recycle the Cardboard Box that products in our Farmer’s Fiber Collection are packed in wherever cardboard is accepted. Make sure the outer portion of the container is unsoiled and the inside is clean.
    • With our innerpack plastic film, recycle them wherever #5 plastic film is accepted.

    Customize With Us

    Watch the video to learn more about customizing your Farmer’s Fiber product. Our Better Earth in-house design team is here to support you with artwork and guide you every step of the way.

    View & Download Product Sheet

    Product Sheet

    Start Your Custom Order

    Let us help you meet and exceed your sustainability goals and foodservice packaging solution needs.


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