COVID-19 and Our Unwavering Commitment to You

By Pat Cape
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We are more committed than ever to our shared vision of a better, more sustainable earth, and the health and safety of our entire team, customers and community. We would like to update you on how we continue to live and breathe these commitments.

 We are in unprecedented times and hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. The COVID-19 Pandemic is deeply personal for all of us, and we want to express that we feel and share your concerns. Despite these massive challenges, what gives us hope is our team’s incredible resilience and ability to swiftly respond to our ever-changing landscape.

Our print production team member Laneeka in gear, ready to sling clamshells!

“Any amount of time and effort is worth the safety of the team and our customers. We come into our fulfillment centers everyday with the intent of maintaining a safe and sanitary space in order to keep our morale high and service our customers with the same care and passion.”

Kyle Grant

Operations Fulfillment Manager, Better Earth

Since early March, Better Earth has implemented the highest levels of cleanliness and safety standards across all aspects of our operations and those of our third-party suppliers, informed by ongoing recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization 

We want you to feel assured that your Better Earth products are always packaged with care and are handled safely from production to delivery. Here are some of the measures our teams are practicing and will continue to practice as we dive into our new normal together. 

To best protect the health and well-being of our essential employees, all nonessential employees are working remotely for the foreseeable future and we have restricted access to essential personnel only at our fulfillment centers. 

Taking our team birthday parties virtual!

Health, Hygiene and Safety at Our Fulfillment Centers 

  • We have designed and implemented contactless product pick-ups with third-party freight forwarders to minimize any contact.
  • And to minimize contact between essential employees, we have redefined shifts and have assigned machinery and tools to specific personnel so there is no sharing.
  • All essential employees are required to wear gloves and masks onsite and sanitize regularly, according to the CDC’s guidelines. Sanitation centers are located at several key areas throughout our fulfillment centers alongside posted signs indicating the CDC’s guidelines for handwashing.
  • Workspaces are wiped down twice a day with sanitizing wipes and/or sprays by designated sanitation managers.
  • These practices will continue to be monitored and updated as additional recommendations from the CDC or WHO emerge.

“With these changes in our process, we can maintain our current service levels while ensuring the safety of our product. I’m confident in our team’s resiliency and ability to adapt.”

Jake Lichtman

Print Division Manager, Better Earth

What skill + speed!

Traceability Across Our Supply Chain

We have ensured the above health and hygiene protocols, as well as contingency plans and daily temperature checks are standardized among our third-party suppliers. Furthermore, our products are traceable from raw material to finished goods, so we always have a full picture into every single product leaving our fulfillment centers. Thanks to these stringent measures, strong partnerships and more, our supply chain remains uninterrupted. We will continue to actively monitor this ever-evolving situation.

Better Earth product packaging at our Clarkston, GA Facility

Commitment to Our Community

We know restaurants are facing painful decisions right now, including forgoing strong-held values and sustainability commitments in order to make do in these difficult times. We believe nobody should have to choose between keeping the lights on or saving the planet.

In late March, we were proud to partner with the Georgia Restaurant Association to provide sustainable packaging at a subsidized community rate to our local restaurants in need.


We’ve set up contactless curbside pickup with our Sustainable Packaging Relief Program!

“We have always used sustainable products at both of our restaurants and it never occurred to me, even during this time, to stop. Yes, all restaurants are pinching pennies right now but I’d rather pinch my pennies in other ways. For all of this, we are grateful that Better Earth is providing compostable products at a subsidized rate. It’s definitely been helpful to us during this time.”

Jennifer Tiberia

Owner, Sprig Restaurant & 1910 Public House

1910 Public House Salad in 9″x6″ Element Fiber Clamshell and House Burger w/ Sweet Potato Fries in our 10″x10″ Sugarcane Fiber Clamshell available in our Sustainable Packaging Relief Program

To date, we have donated thousands of dollars in savings to restaurants within the Greater Atlanta region through subsidized packaging and will continue to find new ways to help our customers accomplish their sustainability goals as we navigate this new normal together.  

We encourage you to visit and follow our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, for the most up to date COVID-19 Response updates.  

Pat Cape

Director of Supply Chain & Operations

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