Meet the Better Box Collection

Our disposable, compostable Better Box Collection is made from premium-strength bamboo kraft and PLA, a plant-based bioplastic, helping you achieve your sustainability goals and operational excellence.

Meet the Better Carrier

Buckle up: your drinks can finally go for a ride!

Looking Back on Better Earth Climate Week

Catch up on our chats with environmental advocates and business leaders involved in food’s climate story from field to food to field.

Better Earth Featured in Oceanic COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines

Helping businesses reopen safely without a cost to the environment

Covid-19 and Our Unwavering Commitment to You

We are more committed than ever to our shared vision of a better, more sustainable earth, and the health and safety of our entire team, customers and community.

Introducing New 40 oz. Eco-Bamboo Bowls

Introducing New 40 oz. Eco-Bamboo Bowls

We’ve launched the 40 oz. Eco-Bamboo Bowl as part of our Two-Piece Collection to take your salads and grain bowls to the next level. The new 40 oz. Eco-Bamboo bowl is made from natural and compostable bamboo pulp. Bamboo is a fast-growing fiber, ensuring long-term...

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