Better Earth & Captain Planet Foundation Call on Kids to Redesign the School Lunch Tray

by Nov 26, 2019Company News, Education, Sustainability

We believe that we do not inherit the Earth. We borrow it from our children. And if we want to protect the environment for future generations, we must act on plastic pollution. Schools are a great place to start.

Join the School Tray Design Challenge! 

Click here to learn more & participate in the design challenge.  

Deadline for submissions is December 6th. 

The Problem

Despite incredible momentum towards a plastic-free future, a vast majority of American schools still depend on polystyrene foam (“Styrofoam”) trays. It’s estimated that it takes more than 500 years for polystyrene foam to decompose, and 200-300 years for a plastic straw.  

That means that every single tray and straw we’ve ever used still exists on Earth someplace.

    The Opportunity 

    What if we had the opportunity to rethink a fundamental element of school lunches to minimize their carbon footprint and reduce our waste to the landfill? 

    Help us transform school lunches! We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Captain Planet Foundation to launch a design challenge for students to reinvent the outdated 5-compartment school tray with a thoughtfully designed, 100% compostable alternative.

    Participants will have the opportunity to rethink the shape and size of the compartments that nest within the dimensions of a standard FT-5 school tray and determine educational messaging to emboss on their finished design.  

    The winning team or person will receive a $500 gift card to the Package Free Shop to support their own plastic-free transformation! And the winning design will be used as the inspiration for Better Earth’s new switchgrass school lunch trays which will be available for schools across the US in Fall 2020. Deadline for submissions is December 6th. 

    The Power is Yours! 

    If you’re interested in learning more about the design challenge or know a classroom that would be interested in participating, we invite you to click here.  

    Submissions will be reviewed by a committee of Better Earth & Captain Planet Foundation team members. Winners will be announced in January 2020.  

    Savannah Miller

    Savannah Miller

    Director of Sustainability

    I am excited to spend my time thinking about how Better Earth can reduce our environmental impact and serve as a catalyst for change within our community and industry.

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