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Right now, ordering food to be delivered can seem a little scary. We’ve done our research, and we’ve created a quick guide of 6 Easy Steps of How to Safely Order Food Delivery Online you can reference, so you can feel secure when ordering your go-to burrito combo. 🌯😍🙌

First off, here’s a a quick fact: According to the FDA, there are no known risks that suggest COVID-19 can be transmitted by food or food packaging. Now, let’s get started! 

Follow these 6 easy steps to safely order and receive food from your favorite restaurants:

1. Pay in advance to minimize person-to-person interaction with the delivery driver.

3. Create a safe food environment for when the food arrives by cleaning any surfaces it will touch. A good idea is to clean out your sink so you can place your takeout bags and container there.

5. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water after unpacking your food.

2. Let the driver leave the food at your doorstep and wait until the driver is at least 6 feet away before picking up the food. Lots of food delivery apps are offering this option as a default now. 

4. Remove your food from the takeout containers and dispose of or recycle them appropriately. (If you like, you can even wear gloves during this step to be extra cautious.) Sorry in advance to those of us who ordered take-out to minimize clean-up! 😅 

6. Wipe counters and other surfaces where the food was unpacked.

Screenshot taken from GrubHub

Many food delivery apps such as GrubHub are offering contact free delivery, as well as giving you the option to pick a ”drop off” location of your choosing.

We hope our little list of best practices can help you feel more safe and confident when ordering takeout online. These are troubling times, but armed with the right information, we can get through them together!  

Did you know? We currently have a relief program for local Atlanta restaurants to ensure sustainable packaging remains accessible and affordable. Find out more here! And did you also know that we’re partnering with GRA? You can check out their post here! 😍 

SOURCES: Check out NPR’s fantastic article for even more info! 




Liz is an integral part of our creative powerhouse, slinging custom print, and delighting our team and community with her clever puns and visuals that pack a sweet punch. In her free time, she loves to cosplay, design her own products, and fly fish to name a few!

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